How to use an Advent wreath

At church
Advent wreaths are lit on every Sunday of Advent at Episcopal churches everywhere.  So, to enjoy an Advent wreath, all you have to do is visit an Episcopal church!  Find a church near you.

Used at home, and Advent wreath makes a lovely decoration and many families simply use one as a centerpiece on the dining table.  The progression of lighting one candle, then two, then three, then all four, quietly and elegantly remind us of the passing weeks of the Advent season.

Meditations and Prayer
The Advent wreath can also serve as a focal point for meditations and prayer.  There are lectionary readings appointed for use on each day of Advent, and the Book of Common Prayer contains morning, noon, evening, and compline prayers (although for newcomers these forms can be confusing.)  Forward Movement is a good source for inexpensive booklets of prayers and devotions, some of which are written especially for use in Advent.