About me

My name is Jeffrey Scott and I am a graduate student in Educational Technology at San Diego State University and an airline baggage handler at John Wayne Airport in Orange County.  I created this website as a project in my Multimedia Web Development class at SDSU.

Although born in a Christian household I did not attend church regularly while growing up. I was living in New York during the 9/11 attacks, and like many people, began looking for a church to add more spirituality to my life.  I tried a few, and nothing was wrong with any of them (in fact they were all quite nice) but none seemed to be the right "fit." After moving back to California my oldest and dearest friend invited me to All Saints Church in Pasadena and introduced me to Episcopal denomination.  I had found my spiritual home!  A year later I was baptized and the next year I was confirmed.

Not being raised in the Episcopal Church, I found much of the service unusual and confusing at first, but with my friend's help and more experience it gradually became more familiar to me.  I especially enjoy the cyclical rhythm of the service, and of the liturgical seasons.  But I can sympathize with newcomers and with my own "adjustment" a recent memory I created this site with them in mind.

Christmas is my favorite time of year, and like many people I look for ways to make it more meaningful and less commercial.  I think that observing the Advent season provides a good way to do that, and I share my experiences here in case others may feel the same way.